How to overcome dating insecurities

How to overcome dating insecurities

So, Princess… you’ve decided to date again and started wading around. Welcome! I get the sense however, you’re not sure if you can manage a decent date that’ll make you feel secure. That’s understandable; after all, your past experiences have not been so good. It is perfectly natural for you to have doubts and insecurities. My advice to you would be simply dump the garbage you’re carrying from your past. Think and feel positive so that you can attract the same type of guy. Also remember that it’s quite satisfactory to be single rather than in a doomed relationship, but if you are on-board for the dating scene, you can probably use a few ways to overcome dating insecurities:

Be Yourself

I’ve often seen women trying to be what they’re not just to attract a guy’s attention. This sends wrong signals to men and they think you’re what they want to see. Once they get to know you… they’re puzzled and start wondering “Where is that girl whom I met for the first time?” Disappointed, they stop communicating with you. It makes perfect sense… at the end of the day, the best way to avoid any insecurity while dating is to just be you.

Give Space

It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea of an ideal date. So you over-work to please him and in the process disappoint yourself as well as your date. Don’t get excited over silly things. If your date called you a day later than you expected him to, be happy about it. Don’t go overboard and confess to him that you were waiting for his call. Also don’t text or message him from time to time. After a date wait for him to call. Give each other breathing space. This will automatically attract him to you and your dating experience will be wonderful. Remember the saying, “The more you give, the more you get.”

How to overcome dating insecurities

Play it Cool

I do know that dating literally freaks out some people. After all, you’re putting your heart out on your sleeve and what if you get rejected or discarded? No matter how confident you may pose to the outside world – a few nagging insecurities still persist. Learn to ignore them and play it cool. Talk to your close friends; they can offer comfort to you. Dating is not the entirety of your life; it’s only a part of it, so don’t let it consume you.  Remember that what may appeal to one person may not appeal to the other. So you’re going to be liked by some men while others may ignore you. Take it with a cool head and try to enjoy your dating game.

Shed Arrogance

Dating is a wonderful experience that should help you to unwind and enjoy the basic pleasures of life… such as dressing well, fine dining, meeting people from the opposite sex, and so on. If you’re going to get all wound up, anxious or nervous, then it’s no fun. Just relax and listen to your date when he asks you to relax and be cool. Don’t act as if you’re capable of managing everything… arrogance is not going to work here. Most men like a woman who is pliable and open minded. So don’t let preconceived notions affect your date.

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